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Various Artists – “Buitis”



A1 / Pogrom – Bardo (3:39)
A2 / Hassokk – Cheminė Belangė (5:25)
A3 / Teatre – Našta (4:40)
B1 / Shapoka – Tremtis (Paplavokas Edit) (6:52)
B2 / Daina Dieva – Amata (7:42)


Experimental, Noise, Lo-Fi, Industrial, Power Electronics

Product Description

The architectural remains of the Soviet regime still looming on the Lithuanian landscape serve not only as a grim reminder of the weight carried by previous generations, but also as symbols of the yet remaining collective trauma brought upon the younger offspring by archaic modes of thinking and living. Inevitably, the currently matured generation of Lithuanian post-industrial artists reflect on such symbols. The event series of Ghia titled “Buitis”, which could be translated as “everyday living” or “household”, aims to transform these mostly abandoned spaces into newer conditions of life by inviting international and local musicians, DJs and visual artists to showcase that which is experimental, dark and heavy, yet also rhythmic, danceable and triumphant over the past.

For the second “Buitis” event and our second commemorative event-themed compilation since 2017’s “Area”, we presents a cassette of five cuts from five pillars of the local post-industrial scene. Side A commences the demolition with a harsh dissection by Pogrom, a roaring threat from HSSK and a rhythmic ferroconcrete piece from Teatre. Side B delves deeper into the trauma with the exile-themed menacing sound collage “Tremtis” by Shapoka and the ominous drone work from Daina Dieva to close the compilation. The “Buitis” compilation expresses the most dire kind of everyday living – that which is forcefully imposed against one’s will.



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