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Pindrops – “Reflections Remixes”



A1 / Dive (Alex Krell Remix) (06:50)
A2 / Geist (OBCDN Remix) (08:09)
A3 / Geist (Ement Remix) (05:55)
A4 / Crystalgaze (Nneura Remix) (04:59)
B1 / Reflection (Arkhad Remix) (06:01)
B2 / Geist (TEATRE Remix) (06:55)
B3 / Dive (Patris Remix) (06:39)
B4 / Geist (6Yuan5Jiao Remix) (03:46)


EBM, Techno, Electro, Ambient, Industrial

Product Description

The ghostly ethereal band Pindrops, veiled with influences from the darker sides of post-punk and shoegaze, met 2019 with a forceful release titled “Reflections” on the German label “Young & Cold Records”. Lined with energetic rhythms and devious guitar riffs while still maintaining a palpably cold and mysterious character, the EP has brought the Vilnius trio into the spotlight as they gain momentum both in the local underground and in larger stages, supporting their biggest influences such as The Soft Moon. In addition to this, the band plans to present the album in Kaunas, at our event “Buitis” (en. “Mode of Life”), together with rising Belarus band Molchat Doma.

“Reflections Remixes” is an endeavor to link the darkness of both post-punk and electronic music. In the Lithuanian underground scene, themes of melancholy and contemplation can be felt all throughout, regardless of whether the music is played by guitar or by a DJ in a club. This 8 track remix compilation was born out of eight local producers reimagining the music of Pindrops through their unique lenses of techno, EBM, industrial and ambient, translating the unifying factors into a more harsh, more euphoric, or a more club-based aesthetic. Varied in styles, these remixes not only reflect the emerging producers, but also serve as a reflection of our scene as a whole.



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