//Haeiresis – “Emanations”
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Haeiresis – “Emanations”



1 / Contorted Transcendental Origins (07:06)
2 / Abrasive Emanations (06:35)
3 / Putrescinecclesia (Nekrokatarsis) (08:41)


Metal, Black metal, Experimental Metal


Product Description

It‘s quite a unique musical phenomenon that the Lithuanian black metal and industrial, experimental scenes have been intertwined by melomaniac architects since the declaration of indepedence in the 90s. We present another example of the aforementioned, a complex creaton of Skol (Saulius Bielskis), previously known for working with Velemara, Inquisitor and etc. A complicated and sophisticated black metal album was crafted together with other local professionals: vocals by grindcore and power electronics enthuasiast Kiras (Faršas, Vidinė Ramybė, Seagull Overseas), bass by black metal and noise fan Laimis (Nyksta, Faršas, Ghia) and drums by insanely talented Garloq (Inquisitor).

„Emanations“ continues the sound of Hairesis as a weird and twisted extreme metal music project that encompasses slight industrial soundscapes to create a sensible atmospheric feeling. One can describe the sound as somehow progressive or avant-garde in some ways. Revealing a cold, nihilistic void beneath using extremely complicated structures it attracts both of what‘s great in ambient, black and death metal scenes. The vocals are unorthodox as most of the things in this album: different techniques of screaming, growling, shouting and singing marks Kiras as one of the true craftsmen of this niche scene. One of the most original and unique examples of Lithuanian metal.

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