“Ghia” Org.


The unification of Lithuania’s dark experimental scene. Started as a six-people formation in the first days of spring, 2016. ‘Ghia’ has no strict boundaries and represents multi-genre melomania – although its roots can be traced back to long-lasting Lithuanian black metal and industrial scenes. In 2017, we started releasing audio cassettes under the same moniker.

Ghia is / once was / worked with: Algirdas Šapoka, Mykolas Jarackas, Paulius Dzedulionis, Žygintas Tamulis, Kamil Urbanowicz, Dominykas Niaura, Karolis Gelažius, Rasa Budrytė, Daina Pupkevičiūtė, Ilona Trukanė, Tomas Valentinaitis, Benas Trakimas, Gediminas Jakubka.

Everything we do is do-it-yourself without any financial capital. It includes designs, layouts, recordings, mixing, mastering, websites, merchandise and etc. Only raw materials, such as paper and tapes, are bought ready-made.


High-quality music deserves careful and professional craftsmanship. Although do-it-yourself­ is often considered to be the best way, every detail counts while crafting a record as professionally as possible.

A cassette is a perfect format – easily duplicated and yet sensitive to damage. Limited edition, low-quantity record is a collectible. Every record must be exceptional and cannot be treated offhandedly. When producing a proper record, every aspect of it matters – including design, paper, cassette case, duplication, audio quality, inserts, etc. Great artistic effort shown by a musician deserves great production effort on our part. That is what we believe in.


Our daily bread. What started as a one-off try-out gradually evolved into a full-scale project. We support both local and international artists with a focus on exceptional live music quality and promising selection skills.

Our yearly routine is based on occasional club events with local artists in Lithuania’s coziest club ‘Largo’. In addition to this, two festivals add on to the big picture. During the summer, you can visit our open-air festival ‘Area’ and experience a weekend full of hand-picked artists. Meanwhile, winter calls for a club festival “Grandis”, curated alongside other local enthusiasts “Nekrokatarsis” and “DAI”.


In 2017, we released music by:

Suicideoscope, Semănat, Extravaganza, Karkasas, Erdve, Oorchach, IYv and a various artists compilation.

In 2017, we did shows/exhibitions of:

Tiese (2x), Sovijus, Įnirtis, IYv, Erdve, Sisyphean, Extravaganza, Amžius, Arkhad (2x), Sigīta Seyr, Motas (2x), Savaitė Tylos, KNAL, PROgina, Vygintas Orlovas, Tomas Grunskis, Franck Vigroux, Cremation Lily, Daina Dieva, OBŠRR (2x), Pogrom (2x), Dee, Rookas (2x), Patricia Kokett, Ilius, Hìldå, Sister, Well Unknown?, Oorchach, Hassokk, Patris, Ancestral Voices, ANFS, Nut Polair, Savage, Švenčionis, su~y (2x).


In 2016, we did shows for:

Deutsch Nepal, Modeo, Atrac, Body Cargo (2x), Daina Dieva (2x), Dr. X-Ray, Eduardo De Bucini, Ernestas Sadau, Gana2, Grįžulo Ratai, Hìldå (3x), Inner (2x), Inwards, Karkasas (2x), Lys, Maldur Atai, Marius Va, NULIS:S:S:S, Nut Polair (2x), Oorchach (3x), Patricia Kokett (3x), Patris Židelevičius, Rookas (2x), Sala, Skeldos (2x), Suicideoscope, Tiese, Urba Urba, Vidinė Ramybė, Vilkduja, YXO, su~y (2x).